Smart-Panel Technology Automation System


As a new paradigm in integrated mud system controls, Elgin has developed a proprietary control panel with onboard networking that allows for local Wi-Fi control and automation of our line of packaged mud recyclers. Elgin's systems are the industry’s first wireless automated mud recycler on the market today, with the option of controlling and monitoring the entire mud system from your fingertips, via smart phone, tablet, or laptop.  Elgin’s new Wi-Fi accessible control panel allows operators the ability to control their mud system from up to 2,000 feet away.


This automated solution not only provides the ease of control and monitoring the operations, but also maximizes the life of the mud recycler by protecting all the major equipment with fault alarms and safety interlocks.  Fault and operation data is logged into the dedicated app on your smart phone or tablet and can easily be downloaded on a spreadsheet for management, oversight and billing purposes.


No other company in the industry has the technical sophistication to provide such value to its customers.

Elgin’s ‘Smart-Panel’ Control System provides for the lowest cost operator oversight of any reclaimer in the industry.

Smart-Panel Benefits

  • Built-in Wi-Fi networking capabilities for remote operation from any smart  phone, tablet or laptop.

  • Operation Data Logging for Performance Monitoring and Failure Tracking.

  • Desilter and Hopper Pressure Monitoring to Ensure Optimum Drilling Fluid Conditions.

  • Tank Fluid Level Indicators and Alarms.

  • Automated Pump Operation with Interlocks.

  • Audible and Visual Alarm System Interlocks.

  • Automated Operator Alerts to Ensure Proper Preventative Maintenance.