KEMTRON 400HD2 Packaged Fluid Management System

Mud Reclaimer / Recycling System

Elgin is the leading manufacturer of effective fluid recycling systems.  The KEMTRON 400HD2 is designed for drilling contractors with Mini-Class rigs in the trenchless, water-well, geothermal, foundation drilling, and microtunneling industry.


Within its class the KEMTRON 400HD2 has the highest rated hydraulic cleaning capacity at an impressive 400 gallons per minute (25 lps).   Traditional systems offer single pass cleaning, while the KEMTRON 400HD2 features a multi-pass configuration, allowing each cut to be returned to the primary tank for continuous recirculation.This feaure maximizes the shaker and hydrocyclone cleaning performance. High / low level tank sensors maintain pump consistency with safety interlocks to prevent pumps from running dry.


Elgin manufactures a complete line of composite shaker screens fully compliant to API standards that are lighter in weight and longer-lasting than traditional metal framed screens.


Combine all this with a sound-attenuated 60kw generator package (optional), 2,350 gallon (8,900 liters) tank capacity, heavy-duty dual-axel trailer, fold out/walk up ladder and increased deck space, the KEMTRON 400HD2™ packaged fluid reclaimer is the perfect solution for your solids control needs.

The KEMTRON 400HD2™ System Benefits:


  • Multi-pass cleaning system maximizes shaker and
    hydrocyclone performance.

  • Largest screen surface area, 38 sq. ft. (3.6 m2), outperforms competitors in sand and silt removal.

  • Smart-Panel technology with Wi-Fi network for lowest
    cost operator oversight of any reclaimer in the industry.

  • Hyper-G™ shaker with Firestone’s Marsh Mellow™ vibration isolators, providing reduced noise, long-lasting, maintenance free operation.

  • Most efficient tank agitation per unit volume of mud
    ensures complete mixing performance.

  • Dedicated centrifugal pumps, inset on the side of the tank for easy maintenance, provide independent transfer, mud circulation/hopper, and desilter operations.

  • Elgin’s tanks are fully lined with a phenolic lining to maximize tank life and reduce the effects associated with the circulation of abrasive/erosive solids to extend equipment life.