Packaged Mud Recycling Systems


Elgin is the leading manufacturer of effective fluid recycling systems.  The KEMTRON series reclaimers are designed for drilling contractors with Mini, Midi, and Maxi-Class rigs operating in the trenchless, mining, water-well, geothermal, foundation drilling, and microtunneling industries. Featuring; multi-pass cleaning capabilities to maximize shaker and hydrocyclone performance, Smart-Panel technology with built-in Wi-Fi networking for remote operation, and the largest screening surface area, per screen panel, compared to other systems on the market.



Mobile Solids Control Centrifuge Systems

Clean you fluid even further with the addition of a high-speed decanter centrifuge.

ESS-1967HD2 XP Polisher

Elgin’s ‘Smart-Panel’ Control System provides for the lowest cost operator oversight of any reclaimer in the industry.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi networking capabilities for remote operation from any smart  phone, tablet or laptop.

  • Operation Data Logging for Performance Monitoring and Failure Tracking.

  • Desilter and Hopper Pressure Monitoring to Ensure Optimum Drilling Fluid Conditions.
  • Tank Fluid Level Indicators and Alarms.

  • Automated Pump Operation with Interlocks.

  • Audible and Visual Alarm System Interlocks.

  • Automated Operator Alerts to Ensure Proper Preventative Maintenance.