Decanter Centrifuge

ESS-936HD2 Barite Recovery & Dewatering Centrifuge


Quality, Innovation, and Performance

As an original equipment manufacturer of decanter centrifuges, Elgin knows how important quality design and manufacturing is to our customers.  Utilizing high efficiency motors, premium components, and intelligent design , you can be assured Elgin centrifuges provide consistent performance for all your separation needs.


The ESS-936HD2 decanter centrifuge is designed for low volume separation performance. The slim-line design is ideal for placement in small spaces to meet operational needs. Featuring a 15 hp main drive motor and 5 hp back drive motor, four (4) stainless-steel epicentric liquid-end discharge ports, three (3) wide-mouth solids-end discharge ports, and premium gearbox with 40:1 ratio. The bowl is constructed with 304 stainless-steel or carbon steel with tungsten lined internal conveyor.


Paired with an HMI Touch-Screen VFD control panel, this system offers complete flexibility in adjusting the rotation speed and feed rate for optimum performance during operation.




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