ESS-3000DT Dredge Dewatering System

Elgin 3000DT Dredge

Dewatering System

Dredge Dewatering


Elgin’s 3000DT is the industry’s most fully most integrated, user-friendly 2,000 gallon per minute (“gpm”) mobile dredge dewatering system available in the market today.    Built on a 56’ long, dual-axel, rock-over trailer used by Elgin for its KEMTRON 1000T and KEMTRON 1500T product lines, the Elgin 3000DT is designed to maximize dredging efficiency while minimizing total operating costs.


Maximizing Discharged Solids Dryness

When it comes to dewatering dredge solids, the most valuable asset is screening surface area.     No matter how sophisticated a shaker used, unless there is sufficient surface area, the dewatering process will never be maximized.


Similar systems will use four (4) linear motion shakers.   Though this number of shakers may be sufficient, the fact is that competing systems utilized single-deck screens.   As such, even with four (4) shakers, these systems rarely achieve more than 130 square feet of screening surface area.   Elgin’s 3000DT used four (4) dual-deck providing for an impressive 215 square feet of screening surface area, effectively doubling competing systems.


Combined with High-G Vibrator Motors, the Elgin 3000DT’s 215 square feet of screening surface area ensures that solids are provided the most dewatering possible.   No competing system available in the market comes close to providing the same surface area or dewatering potential of Elgin’s 3000DT.


ESS-3000DT Desander Dredge Dewatering System