Elgin 1500DT Dredge Dewatering System

Dredging System

The Elgin 1500DT is the flagship product in Elgin's  line of mobile dredge dewatering systems.  By boasting an impressive 2,000 gallons per minute (95 lps) cleaning capacity, this unit is designed to handle high solids and high viscosity drilling fluid recycling requirements.  The Elgin 1500DT features a 9,000 gallon (34,000 liters) hydraulic fluid tank, four linear motion shakers, hydrocyclone desander and desilter manifolds, inset pump compartments along the length of the tank, thus, allowing for easy pump maintenance and reduced excessive piping which causes low head pressure during operation.


The above features combined with a telescopic frame, ground level solids hopper with venturi nozzle, and level controls for automated operation, makes the Elgin 1500DT the perfect companion for today's dredging operators.


Elgin 1500DT Features
























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  • Two (2) Hyper -"G" linear motion shakers with a total of 112 sq. ft. (10.4 m2) of screen area.

  • Two (2) linear motion mud cleaner shakers with a total of 56 sq. ft. (5.2 m2) of screen area.

  • Three (3) – 500 gpm (32 lps) 10" (30.48 cm) desander hydrocyclones with screen savers and isolation valves.

  • Eighteen (18) – 80 gpm (5 lps) 5" (12.7 cm) hydrocyclone desilters with screen savers and isolation valves.
  • Two (2) 40 hp 6 x 5 and two (2) 60 hp  8 x 6, 250 series centrifugal pumps.
  • Three (3) 5 hp 36" top-mounted vertical high-efficiency agitators.

  • Fully integrated controls with pendent capable of operating a remote trash pump.

  • Space-saving valve-isolated rock boxes with an ergonomic trash pump inlet.

  • Direct mud gun line for tank to tank agitation.

  • Easy top access to clean tank for sampling.

  • 120 volt power access panel and deck lighting.

  • Smart Panel control system with remote operation from any Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop.