Elgin 1000DT Dredge Dewatering System

Dredge Dewatering


The Elgin 1000DT Dredge Dewatering System features two double deck Hyper G shakers, with (2) 12’’ 500 gpm desanders and a (10) 5’’  80 gpm desilters; all on top of a 5,000 gallon (18, 928 liters) tank, split between three compartments. Each compartment includes its own clean-out and includes mud guns to ensure constant agitation.  The unit includes three on-board, 6 x 5 Series 250 40HP centrifugal pump packages and mud hopper with venturi nozzle.   A centralized operator’s panel includes controls for all of the Elgin 1000DT’s systems. Built-in Wi-Fi networking controls allows the operator to control the system remotely from a Smart Phone, Tablet or laptop.


The pumps each perform independent functions; desilter, desander, and transfer / mud mixing.   Valves will be provided in the cone overflows to allow quick and easy sampling but a sampling hatch will also be provided in the clean tank for more traditional sampling techniques.


The Elgin 1000DT carries an industry-leading 112 ft2 of screening area.   Elgin’s 1000DT is provided as skid-mounted system, but can be mounted on a pintle-hook trailer with integrated generator package, upon customer request.


Elgin’s Hyper-G™ shaker provides power, performance and a new standard in practical design.   Capable of producing up to 7.5 G’s of force and when coupled with an optional variable frequency drive, the Hyper G™ provide power when you need it.    By adding a single point jacking system and improved screen fastening system, you now have a shaker that is as easy to operate, as it is powerful.


Elgin 1000DT Features:




















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  • 5,000 gallon (18,927 liters) two-compartment holding tank.

  • High -“G” Multifunctional Linear Motion Shaker with polyester powder-coated pretensioned screens.  The bottom deck of  the shaker acts as a primary scalper and  the top deck as a mud cleaner – drying  the fine particles from the desilter cones.

  • Ten (10) 5’’ hydrocyclone desilters for final stage sand and silt removal.

  • Two (2) 12’’ hydrocyclone desanders for second stage sand and silt removal.
  • Mud hopper with venturi nozzle to provide shear energy in preparing new mud.

  • Three 40 hp centrifugal pumps with mechanical seal for desilter, desander, and transfer operation / mud mixing.

  • Weatherproof NEMA 4X control panel and optional generator packages.

  • Isolation valves on desilter manifold with
    screen savers for easy cone replacement and improved screen life.

  • Smart Panel control system allows the system to be remotely operated from any Smart Phone, Tablet, or Laptop.

Available in containerized version for international field erected dewatering configuration.