CSI-D4™ Turn-Key Waste Management System

Elgin’s CSI-D4™ VCD is the world’s first, and patented, dual-drive dryer.  This novel technology allows operators the ability to adjust the performance of the dryer based on the nature of the solids that are being fed to it.


Using a combination of proprietary gear boxes, operators can adjust both the applied G-force and the dwell time.  This technology allows the CSI-D4™ to be used in both oil-based and water-based drilling fluid environments.


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Elgin’s CSI-D4™ Fully-Integrated, Turn-key Vertical Cuttings Dryer (“VCD”) Waste Management System is the industry’s most sophisticated waste solids management system available.


This system has been designed to reduce drill cuttings and waste solids moisture by 90%.  This allows operators to recover thousands of gallons of drilling fluid and/or water that would normally have been disposed of with the waste cuttings.


Further, by dewatering the waste solids, waste disposal trucking fees are dramatically reduced. Not only has most of the fluid weight been removed, but the volume of solids that can be loaded into a single truckload can be increased.


Finally, by removing the free liquids, solids do not need to be stabilized with polymer binders or stabilization agents.  The combination of these three factors, results in a system that can pay for itself within the first year of deployment.

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CSI-D4™ Turn-Key Waste

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